Above: A crowd overflows the room at Rep. Bob Goodlatte’s Open Door Meeting. “This is what democracy looks like.”


What is Indivisible?

Indivisible is a nationwide grassroots movement that formed after the 2016 election to oppose the policies of the Trump administration and the GOP. Inspired by the Indivisible Guide, a guidebook to effective political action written by former Washington staffers, Indivisible groups focus our efforts on our districts’ representatives through constant phone and email contact, in-person visits and other tactics. Read more about Indivisible, including the Indivisible Guide, here.

What does Indivisible Staunton do?

Right now, many people are energized and ready to make a change. We aim to provide people with opportunities to direct that energy to effective action. We pressure our elected officials to act in our best interests, call them out when they don’t, and thank them when they do. We also boost events and meetings of previously existing local action groups and government events where people can get involved. 

Who are my representatives?

Indivisible Staunton is primarily focusing our efforts on Bob Goodlatte, our Virginia 6th District Congressman. We are represented in the Senate by Tim Kaine and Mark Warner. 

At the state level, our Governor is Terry McAuliffe. Our state legislators are Dickie Bell and Emmett Hanger. If you’re unsure who represents you where you live, find your legislator here.

Do I have to be a Democrat to participate?

Indivisible Staunton is a non-partisan civic action group. We are not affiliated with any political party and count Democrats, Independents, and Republicans among our members. Our ideologies may differ, but we all want to stop Trump.

I’ve never done anything political before. Where can I start?

First, make sure you are registered to vote in Virginia. You can do that here. 

We recommend liking our Facebook page for daily action opportunities. If you don’t have Facebook, just email us and request to be added to the daily and/or weekly email subscription. We‘ll also be posting updates for trainings, events, lectures and more where you can learn how to get involved. A good place to start is Local and Vocal’s lecture and letter-writing series; check them out here.

I have experience. How can I help?

If you are a leader or member of a local action group, if you want to volunteer, or even if you’d like to volunteer but aren’t sure how much time you can commit — we want to hear from you! Please take this brief survey to let us know where your interests lie, and we’ll contact you. We’re particularly seeking to recruit intersectionally across lines of race and ethnicity, gender, religion, and more.