Northam Won: What’s Next?

Wow!!! Thank you to everyone who voted yesterday — and a big shoutout to the teams for Michele Edwards and Angela Lynn. They might not have won, but they showed the importance of running to give people the option of choice. Let’s carry this momentum into the future!

1. OneVirginia2021, which advocated for redistricting reform, spotlighted Ralph Northam as a candidate with a good track record on redistricting initiatives. Let’s contact Northam and ask him to commit to redistricting reform in the coming years.

Email: ltgov@ltgov.virginia.gov
Phone: (804) 786-2078

[Suggested script: “Hello, my name is _______ and my zip code is ______. I am contacting you today to congratulate you on your win. As a voter in Virginia, redistricting reform based on research from a nonpartisan commission is important to me. I urge you to pursue redistricting reform when you take office. Thank you.”

2. Join is for coffee and a check-in today at the By and By from 12-2 as we hit a year of Trump.

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