Thursday 11/2: Take Action to Free Rosa

1. Join doctors and the ACLU in calling for the release of 10-year-old Rosa Maria Hernandez, an undocumented disabled girl who was detained by ICE on the way to the emergency room [http://ow.ly/ZeE230giswf]. Her parents, according to democracynow, moved to the US in order to access better medical care for their daughter, who has cerebral palsy. ICE officers stopped the ambulance young Rosa was riding in and insisted on going to the hospital with her, despite the fact that hospitals are considered sensitive locations by the DHS and ICE should not be arresting anyone there. Currently, “Maria is jailed in a federal facility for kids, alone, and could be detained for weeks without being able to see her parents” (source: ACLU). This is traumatic for any child or family to go through. Doctors call her treatment appalling and the ACLU and others are pushing for her release. Join them and demand the release of Rosa Maria Hernandez.

—Office of Refugee Resettlement here: 202-401-9246
—Or, enter your phone number and use the ACLU’s auto-caller here: [http://ow.ly/pKlp30giszN]

[Suggested script (from ACLU): “I’m contacting you to ask you to release Rosa Maria Hernandez back to the care of her family today. This 10-year-old elementary-school student needs to be recovering from surgery at home with her family, not jailed in a detention center. What the government is doing is outrageous and cruel.”]

2. Petition: ask Congress to take steps to prevent Drumpf from firing Mueller as the investigation gets closer and closer to the President and his inner circle. Sign here: [http://ow.ly/Ghpf30gisG6]

3. Finally, please let us know if you or anyone you know needs a ride to the polls (or city hall to vote absentee) between now and the 7th.

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