Are you registered to vote?

1. Remember, today is your last chance to register to vote in the upcoming VA general election, or update your registration!
2. EVENT: Tonight at 7 PM at Mary Baldwin University’s Francis Auditorium, there is a film showing of “13th: From Slave to Criminal With One Amendment.” This film examines the US prison boom and the systemic criminalization of African Americans.
3. CONTACT SENATORS: This Thursday, the Senate will vote on the Senate Republicans’ budget proposal for 2018 — which includes a devastating cut of $5 trillion in federal aid to Medicare and Medicaid. This is how the Trump administration plans to finance their “tax reform” plan — which is primarily tax cuts for the already rich. From 5calls.org: “Under normal Senate procedure, this sort of radical change would face opposition in the Senate due to the 60-vote threshold usually required to pass a budget (8 Democrats would have to join all 52 Republicans). However, Republicans are using the 50-vote threshold ‘budget reconciliation’ procedure to move them forward. The House 2018 budget resolution contains $203 billion in non-defense budget cuts which are also expected to largely come from Medicaid and Medicare. No matter what compromise is made between the two chambers, Congressional Republicans will undoubtedly target the health care safety net and endanger the most vulnerable among us.”
Contact our senators and tell them to defend Medicare and Medicaid.

  • Kaine: Washington DC: 202–224–4024, Manassas 703–361–3192, Roanoke 540–682–5693, Virginia Beach 757–518–1674, Richmond 804–771–2221, Abingdon 276–525–4790, Danville 434-792–0976, and his contact form is here.
  • Warner: Washington DC 202-224-2023, Roanoke 540-857-2676, Abingdon 276-628-8158, Norfolk 757-441-3079, Richmond 804-775-2314, Vienna 703-442-0670. His “Submit Comment” form is here.
  • Suggested script: “Hello, my name is ____ and my zip code is ______. I am contacting the senator today to ask him to defend Medicare and Medicaid from the cruel cuts proposed in the Senate Republican’s Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposal. Elderly and low-income Americans shouldn’t have to sacrifice their healthcare to make room for tax cuts for the already wealthy. Thank you.”

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