action opportunities

Sunday 8/6 Action Opportunities

1. Voter registration will play a key role in the Virginia state elections and the 2018 elections. We are organizing door to door voter registration and other events. To be able to register more than 25 people, you need to be certified. It’s a simple process that involves watching a 15-minute video and filling out a form. Even if you’ve been certified in the past, you will still need to re-take the certification after July 1st of this year. Go to this link to watch the video and then fill out the form if you’d like to help us register voters this year.

2. It seems like we never find anything to thank Rep. Goodlatte for in these action items, but we’ve found two bipartisan pieces of legislation which he has cosponsored. HR 3530 would amend the Controlled Substances Act to exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana. Hemp is one of humanity’s oldest, fastest-growing crops and is a vital renewable resource. Once grown across America, its production dropped with the criminalization of marijuana use. While hemp comes from the same cannabis sativa as marijuana, it is a different strain entirely and typically cannot be used as a drug. What it can be used for is products including paper, clothing and textiles, paint, insulation, food, biodegradable plastics, biofuel, and animal feed (check out Forbes here for more info). Removing industrial hemp from the Controlled Substances Act makes common sense and environmental sense. Let’s contact Goodlatte to thank him for signing on as a cosponsor of HR 3530.

  • Goodlatte: Staunton (540) 885-3861, Harrisonburg (540) 432-2391, Lynchburg (434) 845-8306, Roanoke (540) 857-2672, Washington DC 202-225-5431 and email form here. 
  • Suggested script: “Hello, my name is _____ and my zip code is _____. I am contacting Congressman Goodlatte to thank him for cosponsoring HR 3530, to amend the Controlled Substances Act to exclude industrial hemp from the definition of marijuana. I believe this bill would allow us to more easily make renewable and biodegradable products, and is a good step towards decriminalizing marijuana in general. The congressman’s stances on environmental policies are important to me and will affect my vote. Thank you.”

3. From OneVirginia2021: Politicians are asking for campaign donations, but do they oppose gerrymandering? Please send OneVirginia’s script to the campaigns of each of these candidates:

Some campaigns have a contact form to fill out; others will let you simply copy and paste OneVirginia’s message into your email and hit send. Please let us know what responses you get!

  • Suggested script: “Gerrymandering is toxic to our democracy and has led to legislative gridlock in Virginia. Voters should choose their representatives and not the other way around. Legal experts agree that it will take a constitutional amendment to end the practice of political gerrymandering in Virginia. Will you vote for a constitutional amendment that prohibits political gerrymandering in Virginia? This issue is very important to me – I will only support candidates who don’t support gerrymandering.”

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