action opportunities

Saturday 7/29 Action Opportunities

1. EVENT – Rally in Support of Transgender Rights and Healthcare
Saturday morning, from 10am-12, we will be having a rally on the Augusta County Courthouse steps. It is a dual purpose rally, to show support for transgender people, especially those in the military, and to support healthcare for all. Please come join us!

2. EVENT – Saturday – Indivisible Staunton Public Meeting

Saturday from 3:45-4:45pm at the Staunton Public Library, we will be having our July Public Meeting to organize a resistance event. We had some great ideas at our last meeting and now’s the time to put them into action! We will be in the meeting room at the library.

3. Far too many families are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, and more people are choosing to rent their homes than ever before. But our investments in affordable homes have not kept pace with demand, leading to rising rents across the nation and deteriorating housing infrastructure. Low federal spending caps mandated by the Budget Control Act of 2011 (BCA) have reduced funding for housing and community development programs. According to The National Low Income Housing Coalition, there are only 35 affordable homes available for every 100 extremely low income renter families. Budget cuts are not the solution to this housing crisis. Instead of reducing our nation’s investments in affordable housing and community development, we should make a bold and sustained commitment to ensure that everyone has a safe, accessible, and affordable home. Contact Goodlatte to ask him to protect and expand investments in affordable housing and community development.

  • Goodlatte: Staunton (540) 885-3861, Harrisonburg (540) 432-2391, Lynchburg (434) 845-8306, Roanoke (540) 857-2672, Washington DC 202-225-5431 and email form here.
  • Suggested script: “Hello, my name is _____ and my zip code is _____. I am contacting Congressman Goodlatte to urge him to protect and expand investments in affordable housing and community development. HUD and USDA affordable housing programs are already underfunded and additional cuts would hurt millions of low income people with low incomes, including seniors, people with disabilities, veterans, families with children, and people experiencing homelessness. Instead of making harmful cuts, please work with your colleagues to lift the spending caps on critical domestic programs like those at HUD and USDA. Thank you.”

4. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s plan to repeal the ACA (the “Skinny Repeal”) failed on the Senate floor, 49-51, on July 27th. While this latest attempt to repeal the ACA is over, they could sabotage of the law by undermining its enforcement. According to analysts, individual markets are largely functioning well, with cost-sharing subsidies shielding buyers from premium cost increases. However, Trump and the Department of Health and Human Services, led by Tom Price, are taking steps to destabilize these markets. Trump is threatening to withhold insurance payments known as cost-sharing reductions (CSRs), which allow insurers to offer lower-cost individual market plans with lower out-of-pocket costs to low-income consumers. If these payments are discontinued, experts predict, it could collapse the individual insurance market and dissuade insurers from offering plans in the individual marketplace.

The administration could also stop the enforcement of the ACA individual mandate. Without this provision, insurance companies would be forced to consider major premium increases, affecting the affordability of insurance for sick and elderly people. Trump issued an executive order discouraging IRS enforcement of this mandate, and the Republican-controlled House Appropriations Committee has included a draft provision in a spending bill to defund the IRS’s mandate enforcement. Insurance experts and the Congressional Budget Office have all stated that the ACA is stable and not in a so-called death spiral. However, the Trump Administration and Republicans in Congress now appear committed to creating instability for political gain, creating turmoil in the national insurance market and putting the lives of millions of Americans at risk. Contact our senators to ask them to stop any effort to undermine the enforcement of the law or ending cost-sharing reduction payments.

  • Kaine: Washington DC: 202–224–4024, Manassas 703–361–3192, Roanoke 540–682–5693, Virginia Beach 757–518–1674, Richmond 804–771–2221, Abingdon 276–525–4790, Danville 434-792–0976, and his contact form is here.
  • Warner: Washington DC 202-224-2023, Roanoke 540-857-2676, Abingdon 276-628-8158, Norfolk 757-441-3079, Richmond 804-775-2314, Vienna 703-442-0670. His “Submit Comment” form is here.
  • Suggested script: “Hello, my name is _____ and my zip code is _____. I am contacting the senator to express my opposition to any potential plan by Congress or Trump to purposely let the ACA fail and put the lives of millions of Americans at risk. I urge the senator to stop any effort to undermine the enforcement of the law or ending cost-sharing reduction payments. The American people want to see the insurance market fixed, not sabotaged for political gain. Thank you.”

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