action opportunities

Wednesday 7/5 Action Opportunities

We hope you had a safe and happy Independence Day. Thank you for all your hard work calling and writing! 

1. The fate of the BCRA, aka Trumpcare, hangs in uncertain balance this 4th of July Congressional recess. During the recess, let’s make sure the people who are supposed to represent our interests return to piles of emails and hours of voicemails to get through condemning the “Trumpcare” bill. Our senators Kaine and Warner have expressed disapproval of the bill, and we need to make sure they do not waver or compromise on an issue which to many Americans is life and death.

  • Kaine: Washington DC: 202–224–4024, Manassas 703–361–3192, Roanoke 540–682–5693, Virginia Beach 757–518–1674, Richmond 804–771–2221, Abingdon 276–525–4790, Danville 434-792–0976, and his contact form is here.
  • Warner: Washington DC 202-224-2023, Roanoke 540-857-2676, Abingdon 276-628-8158, Norfolk 757-441-3079, Richmond 804-775-2314, Vienna 703-442-0670. His “Submit Comment” form is here.
  • Suggested script: “Hello, my name is _____ and my zip code is _____. I am contacting Senator __________ to once more express my disgust with the Senate’s version of the BCRA, aka TrumpCare. This bill is essentially a tax cut for the richest Americans, paid for by taking away Medicaid from the poorest Americans. It helps no one and would throw 22 million people off health insurance, denying them coverage for cancer treatments, management of disabilities, preexisting conditions, and more. It is cruel and inhumane and I expect you to oppose it in the strongest possible terms. Thank you.”

2. We can also take to oppose TrumpCare at the state level. A bipartisan group of state governors have joined in opposition to BCRA, recognizing that they have a stake in preserving insurance coverage for residents of their states. These governors have signed a letter to the Senate pushing for a bipartisan, open process on healthcare. Ask Governor McAuliffe to join them.

  • Governor McAuliffe: 804-786-2211 Contact form here.
  • Suggested script: “Hello, my name is _____ and my zip code is _____. I am contacting Governor McAuliffe today to tell him about the bipartisan group of governors who have joined together to oppose the BCRA. These governors from Ohio, Nevada, Massachusetts Pennsylvania, Louisiana, and Colorado are from different parties, but realize that healthcare is far more important than party divides. They want an open, transparent, bipartisan approach to American healthcare — essentially, the exact opposite of the secretive, partisan, brutally severe BCRA that is scheduled for a Senate vote. I want the same thing. I also want you to show you believe healthcare is important to the people of Virginia. Please join them in calling on the Senate to stop the BCRA and start a bipartisan process to improve the ACA. Thank you.”

3. We still need volunteers for a meal and voter registration at Valley Mission on July 22nd. Volunteers will prepare and serve a meal to shelter residents and Local and Vocal + Indivisible Staunton will have a voter registration table to register voters, provide information on how to vote, and give information on how to vote if you don’t have a photo ID or permanent residence. Voter photo ID laws are subtly designed to disenfranchise those without a driver’s license, address or home, and it’s important to let people know their rights. Please contact us at if you want to know more or are available to volunteer!

4. Event cancelled:
Several weeks ago, we put out notice of an event by Friends of Augusta on civil disobedience training. In case you were planning to attend, this event has been cancelled in response to the KKK rally in Charlottesville on the same day and the counter-protest peace rallies in Staunton and Cville. Friends of Augusta asks that you attend those peace rallies instead if you are able! We will let you know if/when they reschedule the training.

4. UPCOMING EVENT – Saturday, July 8 – Augusta County Courthouse – Peace Rally – 11-Noon

(From SAW Action Movement) There is a large hate rally planned in Charlottesville on the 8th. We are going to gather for an hour with messages of love and peace. For all of those planning to attend counter events in Charlottesville, you should also have time to attend this before heading over the mountain.

“We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” ~ Ellie Wiesel

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