Saturday 6/3 Action Opportunities

1. The CAPSAW Community Needs Assessment Survey only has around 300 responses…from ALL of Augusta County. The Community Action Partnership of Staunton, Augusta, and Waynesboro is a community action agency designated by the governor of Virginia to serve the needs of citizens in this region. However, they can’t serve our needs if they don’t know what those needs are. Please take a few minutes to take this survey — your responses will lead to direct, local action and the betterment of our communities. The survey link is here. 

2. Shared from Black Lives Matter:
After giving a commencement address at Hampshire College this year where she spoke about the dangers facing students in the time of Trump, Professor Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor was targeted with harassment and threats of death and violence. The faculty of the Princeton University Department of African American Studies has issued a statement and request for people to sign it in solidarity with her. Black Lives Matter has shared this statement and is asking people to sign in support of her and against racism, sexism, and ignorance. Please sign in solidarity with Prof. Taylor, especially if you are a student of or professor at a college or university. (To prevent fraudulent signatures, you must have a Google account to sign.) Read and sign here.


  • March for Truth-Charlottesville 11am-1pm at Freedom of Speech Wall [Facebook event: http://ow.ly/anWt30chjsR]
  • Staunton Rally for Truth 11am-12pm at the Augusta County Courthouse [Facebook event: “Why are we marching? We call for a #MarchForTruth on Saturday, June 3rd to raise our voices and let our elected leaders know that Americans want answers. The legitimacy of our democracy is more important than the interests of any party, or any President. So, we will rise together to call for a fair and impartial investigation, for the pursuit of truth, and for the restoration of faith in our electoral system and the Office of the Presidency. Across the country, peaceful demonstrations will be arranged on Saturday, June 3rd. Our goals are simple: An independent commission must be established, and Congressional investigations should be properly resourced and pursued free of partisan interests. As much information should be made available to the public as possible, and as soon as possible. Congress should require Donald Trump to release his tax returns to clarify his business interests and obligations to any foreign entity. If crimes were committed or if collusion is discovered, it must be prosecuted.”
  • We’ve Resisted, Now Let’s Recharge! Picnic at Montgomery Hall Park from 5pm-9pm Hosted by SAW Action Movement: “We’ve been fighting hard this year……the obstacles are overwhelming at times. We need a time to get together and focus on relaxing, building community, and celebrating our strengths. On June 3rd, we will gather in one of the shelters at the top of the park…..can’t reserve them so hopefully I’ll be able to stake one out……if not, we improvise! Bring a covered dish, your own beverage, and your own dishes and utensils for those who are ecologically minded. I’ll make sure to have bags available for recycling. If you have a talent you want to share, please do! I’ll have some fun pre-recorded music to dance to, but if you have an instrument or like to sing, you are strongly encouraged. Adult and kid coloring pages, bubbles to blow…..bring your hulahoops and frisbee! We just want to have a low-stress, low-key event where we can forget politics for a little while and play and laugh. There is a nearby nature trail for those interested. I hope people are remembering to take care of themselves!”

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