action opportunities

Sunday 5/14 Action Opportunities

1. If you are a mother, thank you for all of the work you do, and the unsung things you accomplish every day, and the love you give. You are amazing, and none of us would be here without you.

2. Spend some time today with whoever has been your mother, by blood or by choice, and let her know that you appreciate her. This might mean flowers and chocolates, it might mean a heartfelt phone call, or a sincere card, but whatever it is, reach out to let them know how much they mean to you. Moms are special, and while hopefully they know all year how much we love them, it does help to make absolutely sure at least this one day of the year.

3. There are thousands of kids in our state who need loving homes and families, including quite a few in our area. If you feel like you could help provide such a home, look into becoming foster parents! If that doesn’t sound like something that would work for you right now, please consider finding out if one of the local organizations that helps place foster kids could use volunteers or donations. Check them out at the links below.

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